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About Us

The Data Methods Initiative is a non-profit with the goal of fostering scientific research. We aim to strengthen methodological competencies, especially among early-career researchers, and promote the diversity of methods used in the social sciences.

Our goal is to make data methods more accessible and encourage researchers in the social sciences to use them in their work. We focus on data methods used for the analysis of media, including texts, images, videos, and audio. Thanks to technological advancements in machine learning and generative artificial intelligence, tools from computational linguistics, computer vision, and machine listening are becoming faster, more accurate, and easier to apply. 


The challenges and problems of today’s world are complex. As an interdisciplinary group, we aim to help initiative collaborations between researchers with diverse backgrounds and complementary skills. We are curious about applications in many areas, especially business and organization studies, economics as well as information systems, law, media and communication studies, psychology, political science, sociology, and others.


Marcel Garz, Associate Professor
Jönköping International Business School

Thomas Cyron, Assistant Professor
Jönköping International Business School

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